Crossroads Food Pantry has direct relationships with a number of grocery stores as a primary source of our donated food.  Our grocery partners include Trader Joe’s, Fred Meyers, Safeway, Target, Franz Bakery, and 7-11. These core business partners drive our ability to serve families and we are proud to have long-term relationships that support families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity.

Oregon Food Bank

Crossroads Food Pantry  is proud to partner with the Oregon Food Bank to carry out our work. Through our relationship with this great organization, we receive some food at no cost and purchase additional food at subsidized prices.

In addition, we receive grant support, database support, training, and the opportunity to be part of a statewide network working to end hunger in the state of Oregon.  Being part of a network of food pantries allows us to magnify our impact and advocate for socially just and equitable public policies related to hunger and poverty

Birch Community Services

Crossroads Food Pantry also partners with Birch Community Services, who provides a unique model of helping low-income families succeed.  The scale of their operation allows them to be an additional source of food for our food pantry.

Individual Donations and Business Food Drives

We also receive food donations from company food drives, independent grocers, and individuals who purchase or grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you or your business is interested in hosting a food drive to benefit PACS, please contact Carmen Chiseliciuc, food pantry manager, at or 503-252-8500 x1108.